by Wez on July 10, 2012

SkaterMy apologies for not updating this site sooner; Wez Nilez TUMBLR now up and running click word TUMBLR below to check it out... also new bonus collab track coming soon from my Inoculare Mixtape... this collab features Wez Nilez, Loose Logic, Nick Rage, Red, AnTi Matter.

TUMBLR click here

New Year New Album

by Wez on Oct 16, 2011

SkaterNew Year New Album; The Wez Nilez The Inoculation 2 Album can now be purchased for $14.50 right here \/ make sure to include the address you want the album sent to

The Wez Nilez Inoculare Mixtape is also now available for $9.99 (plus shipping) for purchase right here \/

The Wez Nilez The Inoculation 2 Album and The Wez Nilez Inoculare Mixtape 2 for 1 special is also now available for $19.99 for purchase right here \/

Both Inoculation 2 album and The Inoculation 1 album are also now available as a pair for $23.99 for purchase right here \/

The Now Defunct

by Wez on December 14, 2008

SkaterWith The Domain Registration Set to Expire on 3/8/2009; I Moved Up This Date Further By Deleting the Domain From my Account Within my Registrar. As of Now I do not Own - Its Been Deleted From My Account & Control; Within 24 hours will stop forwarding to this page, and within 90 days will return to the registry of Varisign, Also after those 90 days it will also be returned to the open public for sale by the registrar who gains ownership of it at that point (and in this case it will be Varisign - They Deal in Expired and Deleted Domain Names); The main reason I deleted this domain from my ownership/account; is again based on the fact that my cousins and relatives (whom this person knows and has all there info including their work info) relatives who had nothing to do with RapMusix; and I would hate to have them lose their job's (because someone sends a fictitious and inflammatory email or malicious phone call into their work; to their boss or co-worker, in an effort to get them to lose their job) over RapMusix.

The Blog

by Wez on December 13, 2008

SkaterFirst off let me say I wasn't going to comment on the "address situation" because I in the past posted others addresses (D. Omen's) and it would be hypocritical in nature of me to completely disavow such tactics; One of the addresses I did post on RMX ( was D. Omen's because he tried (and failed) to get someone in trouble via a fake wez nilez gmail, that was later tied to his IP and location. RapMusix was at best an inside joke/parody website with poorly done photoshops & a website for shits and giggles, and a few LuLz; because of those photoshops, and because people thought I actually really hated the people I was parodying on there with those photoshops [I never had any beef with anyone online - because I never knew any of the people I did the photoshops of well enough to know them, let alone know them well enough to dislike them, or even have beef with them]; I learned someone paid a *PI [*private investigator] (this was confirmed by multiple sources who spoke with the person who got my info, my dads, my moms and all my relatives and their work numbers and addresses and all their SSN numbers as well) to get all of this info on me and my family and where they work; while I indeed did post peoples addresses; I never went to such lengths to pay a private investigator to dig up such info; nor would I want to. And I never posted any ones relatives & cousins addresses (not even D. Omen) or there jobs addresses & emails and there work phone numbers (not even D. Omen's). I Removed all RapMusix PS's/info/Parodies based on the fact that my cousins and relatives (whom this person knows and has all there info including their work info) who have nothing to do with RapMusix; and I would hate to have them lose their job's (because someone sends a fictitious email with inflammatory and manufactured information to their boss or co-worker in an effort to get them to lose their job) over RapMusix.

Where Does Work Begin and at Home Privacy End?

by Wez on March 23, 2008

SkaterWhere does work begin and at home privacy end? With Companies now reading employee's e-mail's; Also with companies now researching what websites you visit from work. How far is to far? It was reported on the news of one company banning the use of all tobacco products; even at home! Going as far as testing each employee via a blood test to test for tobacco used at home in off work hours. Also With some companies having privacy clauses hidden in there employment applications; saying you can't say certain things off of work & people monitoring what you say in your off hours. Wheres the line between at home privacy and at work rules? Seems to me there needs to be more legislation regarding separation between your work place & private home environment. A Company in a small way; Well really any major conglomerate can put unreasonable restrictions on what you can & cannot say at home. Maybe hidden within pages and pages of work place agreements and contracts you sign; are restrictions of what you can and cannot say, in your off hours away from work. We don't live in China we live in America and these types of things are insane to me -and speak more of an Orwellian big brother then free enterprise. Isn't freedom of expression a right? Now your probably saying some things should remain secret from prying eyes in terms of trade secrets; in that case yes a privacy clause is in order to make sure a company doesn't lose money; but in terms of trivial things that have no bearing on a companies lively hood such strict privacy clauses are not necessary. Also with companies now cultivating a culture of spying on a persons private life; and rewarding other employee's who spill the most beans about info that the company deems & perceives "unsavory"; In The future such types of Kafkaesque corporate bureaucracies might be the corporate standard rather then the exception - That's just my 2 cents.

Mental Illness & Shopping Connection?

by Wez on May 18, 2008

SkaterAiight for my latest diatribe; I will be writing about people; well "people" is really too misleading of a term, honestly. I mean that 0000.1 % of people who shop at various malls, shops, wherever - who are clearly mentally ill... now I don't mean "mental ill" in terms of the conventionally thought of term; nope. I mean emotional mental illness people who go to the man and buy shit and spaz out when the lines are to long. Or some other seemingly trite reason. I have been told those types of people need "psychological help/medications", and yet other cats I know say medications probably would do little to no good. The only theory that I can conjure up to explain such rampant amounts of idiocy in terms of a shopping mall setting is the people are bitter; yes bitter. Now bitter about what exactly I obviously don't know, and prolly never will. Someone once said "you would think shopping would relax these primitive boars into some type of complacency", is he right? Who knows. Will we ever know? Doubt it....

Ostentatious Displays of Wealth Outside Of Hip Hop, Insult or Compliment?

by Wez on April 28, 2008

SkaterWe All Have Seen The Video's That Are Pervasive In the Hip Hop Community - The Ones That Garner Constant Airplay on BET and MTV, Booty Shaking, Lots of Diamonds, Lots of Money, Basically Ostentatious Displays of Wealth. In These Video's Calling Anyone of These Hip Hop Stars "Rich" Would Yield a Smile And a "Damn Right". But Outside of The Hip Hop Video Vixen Facade; Ostentatious Displays of Wealth Inside Old Money Circles Is Actually Frowned Upon; I of Course Am Not Rich But I Have Seen The Rich From Various Documentaries And Known Some People Well Off Financially. It's Almost as Though in The Nouveau Riche They Use Ostentatious Displays of Wealth To Impress Others; and Those With Old Money Prefer Reputation Over Ostentatious Displays of Wealth. In A Society Perceived by Some To Be Ingrained to Basically Worship Money; It Seems Strange That Calling Someone Rich Could be Laced With So Many Negative Connotations; It Could Almost Be Argued That The Word "Rich" is Just As Much an Expletive as F*ck You. It Seems Some Peoples Core Psyche is a Juxtaposition of Irony, On One Hand "Being Wealthy" Is Said To Be Something to Aspire to; Yet Showing Your Wealth in a Flashy or Garish Manner [Diamonds, Fancy Cars] Is Frowned Upon; But Not As Frowned Upon To Ones "Philanthropist Society Reputation" as Being "Labeled" By Your Own "Peers" As "Wealthy" As Apposed To Just a Philanthropist.

Wash Your Hands

by Wez on April 22, 2008

Skater In Malls and Restaurants all over I have seen people not washing their hands. Not Saying Everyone I seen doesn't wash their hands, just some don't. Its pretty disturbing in this day and time; that people still don't wash there hands. Why someone who just used the restroom wouldn't wash their hands is beyond me. Thats how all these viruses and shit get transfered from your hands, you also eat with your hands. I always see cats in the restroom not washing their hands; and its fucking disgusting. If lets say 20 people out of 100 don't wash there hands and they all touch a doorknob; that doorknob becomes a cacophony of germs; being transfered to all - free of charge! Really its fucking gross as fuck, and just in terms of your own health wash ya damn hands before you fucking eat food. It Takes less then 2 fucking seconds, I mean its already pretty sad cats are still lacking on the personal hygiene department; wash your damn hands.

One Day, A Thousand Autumns

by Wez on April 09, 2008

Skater"One Day, A Thousand Autumns" sounds profound huh? Deep Right? Well That's a Example of a Chinese Idiom; Who's Meaning [at least here] is long ago lost and relegated to Wiki and History Books [At Least in the United States That Is] And Speaking of "Lost Translations Due to Foreign Cultural Miscommunications". Ever Wonder Why Some Comedians Seems To Be Beloved [Chris Rock, Martin, Richard Pryor] and Others Loathed [See Carrot Top] Is "Humor" merely a broad cultural archetype based on the musings of the general populous? Or, as I Suggest; Just the Inside Jokes & Lingo of any said inner circle and/or clique of Friends. It seems To me Anyways there's Always been a few different sub-genres of humor, Dark Humor, Crude humor, Joke Humor [Knock - Knock Who's There], Prop Humor [Carrot Top], Internet humor [LuL Cats, Chocolate Rain], Comics, and Observation Styled Humor [Seinfeld], Satire, All of these Types of Humor are Funny to certain groups of people, but to others not so much. I could never understand why people would take offense if you didn't laugh at something they said, even after when being asked "did you get the joke?" and explaining the joke's intellectual basis - proving you did indeed "understand" the joke, then its chalked up that person [the person who didn't laugh] just doesn't have a sense of humor; when in reality they just have a different type of sense of humor. I wanted to comment about it because really humor at least; different types of humor; are like two people trying to communicate with each other using two different languages; without an interpreter there; Now do you see how "context & meaning" can be lost? Have you ever Noticed that a lot of the Idioms from OTHER countries don't carry over AT ALL to the United States; there meaning is lost, Let Me Show You.

"melon field, under the plums."

That's Taken from Wikipedia; It is an idiom that has a deeper meaning that implies suspicious situations. It is derived from an excerpt from a poem from the Han Dynasty. The poem contains two phrases which describe a code of conduct that says

"Don't adjust your shoes in a melon field and don't tidy your hat under the plum trees"

In order to avoid suspicion of stealing. The literal meaning of the idiom is impossible to understand without the background knowledge of the origin of the phrase. Another one is

"Three men make a tiger"

Again in there country of origin these idioms make perfect sense; but just like any sub-genre based humor; take the joke out of the comfy confines of its clique that can appreciate it; and its context, and more importantly it's humor is forever lost, Like some jokes; Idioms can lose there meaning and any wit, previously associated with them. Another one is "One Day, A Thousand Autumns." Sounds Cool Right? Usage/Moral: implies rapid changes; one day equals a thousand years.

Mumbai, India & Wez Nilez

by Wez on March 22, 2008

SkaterSo for awhile now I have owned a few domain names related to Wez Nilez. Pretty much the standard extensions, I bought up related to that name; .com; .net; .biz. and now the infamous ".info". You're saying "infamous?" Well Every once in awhile I check on them [various domains I purchased] to make sure my renewal fee's are paid up; So I typed into my browser my registrar's URL to pay my renewal fee's and the site has vanished; turns out the company that I bought my name from [IT Enhance Web Solutions] has since gone out of business; you're saying "just call them up wez", I would if they weren't located in Mumbai, India! Turns out that's where the companies headquarters are located at! So the guy who owned the company; I found his email, His name is Vish. I said thanks for not telling me you went out of business; he's writes back "contact so & so, and "here's a link to where you can log into your domain name still" and he gave me 2 emails [both of which proved to be fake email addresses - and the link he said I could log into didn't work either BTW]. So I did some more digging and it turns out when a registrar goes outta business; all the domains owned on there get "dispersed" to other registrar's, so I do a lil diggin and find the new registrar that now owns my domain name; and there located in [drum roll - India]. So basically a Indian registrar stole my domain name; The funniest part is Vish told me he really had very little to do with IT En-crap Web Solutions; despite it clearly showing my domain being parked on PARKING-PAGE.NET and that domain's Registrant info is the same as his! [the very same Registrant info as is on IT Enhance Web Solutions], lol... I called him out on this in the emails; that prompted him to send me a flurry of fake email addresses to write to, lol. So basically my name is in a perpetual state of suspension; kept under lock and key of sorts by some obscure maniacal Indian domain webmaster with whom I have little to no contact with.

Circuit Bent

by Wez on March 21, 2008

SkaterCircuit Bending as defined by Wikipedia is... "is the creative short-circuiting of devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children's toys and small synthesizers to create new musical instruments and sound generators. Emphasizing spontaneity and randomness, the techniques of circuit bending have been commonly associated with noise music, though many more conventional contemporary musicians and musical groups have been known to experiment with "bent" instruments." In Other words its possibly the most creative and coolest thing in the world. Think of how profound Circuit Bending is creating sounds that have never been heard before, pretty cool eh? Well on this episode of RapMusicTV, we will post up some Circuit Bending vid's so you can see what all the fuss is about..

Hollister is Still Lame

by Wez on March 20, 2008

SkaterHollister you prolly heard of the brand, seen the clothes, or even heard the loud emo music blaring our of there stores. Untill you dare to venture inside there store you'll never know the true lameness that lurks within, so I was in the mall I walked by Hollister and I am like this place can't be that bad (wow @ how wrong I really was). So I walk in and the store is pitch black, and while the din of the Emo music grew to an unavoidable new high; I see, lameness on a scale I can't define. I spent maybe 2 seconds in that store. Just the billboard sized photo's in there scream corny and disturbing, people in XXXS T shirts, Lip Gloss on Doods, Pencil Size Zero Jeans on Doods? What part of the game is that? Wow, Horrible, I heard cats clowning on the store, but never checked the place out, I wish I would of never ventured inside there.I recently spoke with someone who works at Hollister's here's what they said.

Yes, Hollister is lame.

YouTube Meme's

by Wez on March 19, 2008

SkaterYou ever wonder why the most retarded crap gets featured on YouTube? In out society anything that offends anyone is usually shunned by anything corporate [so as to not offend any potential sponsors]. So it should be no suprise that the most boring crap gets featured on youtube. Most Meme's dont start off with the helping hand of the juggernaut that is YouTube though; most meme's like Dax Flame, Kev Jumba, Smosh are started coz people find them interesting, not a company. Here is what Lisa Nova Said bout her Skits on YouTube.

I know I fail at being funny, it's just something I have to deal with.

Catalog of Crap

by Wez on March 18, 2008

Catalog of Crap, pretty much self explanatory.


  1. beavis and butthead
  2. hot pockets
  3. converse sneakers
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